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AU - Bobby & The Doctor

└ Bobby makes sure the Doctor knows the consequences if anything happens to the Winchesters.


AU - I Need A Doctor

└ The Winchesters meet the Doctor for a first time. They’re aware that he isn’t any ordinary man therefore start a research project.

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AU - It’s In The Title

└ The Winchester’s discover that the Doctor is not from this world.


AU - School Reunion

└ The Doctor poses as a substitute teacher for a week at Dean’s school. They form an unlikely friendship where Dean manages to trust him enough to divulge the secrets of his life. But all of a sudden, the Doctor disappears. Years later, he finds Dean once again.

I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who read or writes fanfiction and anyone who likes to draw or has ideas.
It’s basically an all fandoms Tumblr Kink meme :) Please spread the word. 



JACK: Hey, good lookin’.
DEAN: Sorry, pal. Not my type.
JACK: Not your type? Blue eyes, long coat, unspeakably old and a little bit immortal? I’m your type on legs, big boy.



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I also finished/mailed that commission before I left. Colours are a bit off from the scan though and I’m tooooo tired to correct it.

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The idea of Dean in the TARDIS is the best thing in the history of forever. God, can you imagine?

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Well, boys, hold on tight. This is going to be a tricky one.

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